Compare Indexed Life (IUL) verses Deductible 401(k)s and IRAs

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To learn more about these powerful strategies, write your first name and primary email address below and I’ll email you the link to a replay of my educational webinar for free! “Where have you been during the last 10 years that my investments have barely remained about where they were way back then? I am so glad that I am now planning my retirement finances that will lock in my gains so the stock market plunges don’t stress me out any more”

Terri Gibbons, Palm Beach County, FL

“I am so tired of my CDs earning next to nothing! I love the changes that you helped me make to ensure that my savings are working harder for me without risk. And the fact that I won’t get 1099 tax forms in the future makes it even better”

John Abrams

“We love your ROTH IRA alternatives. We never thought it was fair that the IRS said we made too much money to contribute to one. Well, we got the last laugh after getting to know about you and your financial strategies — we’re contributing three times as much to our ROTH alternative that you helped us set up. And we won’t cringe when the stock market goes down again!

Sally and Jim Smithe, San Diego, CA

“Everybody that I know thinks that tax rates are going to be alot higher in the future and I really appreciate your expert help in planning for more tax free retirement income by using your strategies and equity indexed policies. By now, my neighbor Bryan should have contacted you to help him too. There are 1-2 others that may be interested in speaking with you too after they watch your Stress-Free Retirement webinar.”

Tom Hughes, Raliegh, NC

“My wife and I started using your strategies back in 2004 and we couldn’t be happier. Right now, in May 2009, all of our friends are totally worried about when or how they will retire with what’s happened in the stock market over the last year and a half. But Janet and I don’t lose a minute of sleep since our account not only does NOT go down in value, but all the gains from the years when the market went up have been locked-in. Zero is our hero!”

Lee and Janet Swanson, Georgia

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